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New judges and candidates learn to conduct court proceedings. August 24, 2016.
The Supreme Court is heading the European Commission funded project. July 12, 2016.
Sir Francis Jacobs, the professor at King’s College London, visits the Supreme Court of Latvia. July 1, 2016.
Martins Mits, the judge of the European Court of Human Rights, meets judges and assistants to judges of the Supreme Court. May 26, 2016
Delegation of the Supreme Court of Ukraine exchanges experience in Latvia. May 16-18, 2016
Dzintra Amerika is approved as the judge of the Supreme Court. May 5, 2016
Meeting of Chief Justices of Supreme Courts in China. May 2-8, 2016
Peteris Dzalbe is re-elected to the office of the Chair of the Department of Criminal Cases
Media Day. April 13, 2016
Materials of the Senate of Latvia are digitalised. March 18, 2016

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Added: 03.11.2016

30.09.2016. Judgement of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SKC-293/2016

The right to insurance compensation in case a breach of the insurance contract by the insurDetermining the non-existence of a document sent to the court er is determined

Added: 13.06.2016

14.12.2015. Judgement of the Department of Administrative Cases, case No SKA-741/2015

Significant principles in application of a disciplinary penalty

Added: 13.06.2016

19.05.2016. Decision of the Department of Administrative Cases, case No SKA-1002/2016

Legal nature of activity of the Security Police, when including a person in public report as a person bearing risk to security of public constitutional order

Added: 09.06.2016

27.05.2016. Decision of the Department of Administrative Cases, case No SKA-1075/2016

Deputy’s right to receive information at disposal of the Council

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