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ATTENTION! The entrance of the Supreme Court is closed in connection with the repair works; visitors should use the entrance of the Ministry of Justice.

The Supreme Court follows a principle of openness in its judicial proceedings. The proceedings are open to the public, unless closed hearing is stipulated by the law.

Any individual, who wishes to attend the proceedings at departments of the Supreme Court, but who is not a party to such proceedings, may attend such proceedings by requesting a single entry pass at the pass office.

The passes can be requested at the pass office of the Ministry of Justice (entrance from Tērbatas Street).

To enter the building of the Supreme Court, identification document must be presented. 

ATTENTION TO MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES. To enter the Supreme Court, media representatives must request a pass in the Division of Communication (+371 67020396, +371 28652211) and identification document must be presented to the security staff.

Entrance to the Supreme Court with the accreditation cards issued by the State Chancellery is not allowed.