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Back to School

During the centenary year of Latvia, the Supreme Court launched a Back to School campaign inviting judges to visit their schools and talk to children and young people about the country, its structure, the place of a court in it and the role of judges in public life.

Read more about the campaign “Back to School” here:

Judge Veronika Krumina gives a lesson in law at her first school (01.11.2018)


Guided tours in the Palace of Justice

  • Read more about this opportunity here


Judges’ lessons

In addition to guided tours at the Supreme Court, children of secondary schools are offered to participate in Judges’ lessons – lectures in law led by Supreme Court judges.

During the law lesson, the judge introduces visitors to:

  • Latvian legal and judicial system;
  • the place and role of the Supreme Court in this system;
  • types of rights – civil, criminal, administrative rights – and differences in the way cases are adjudicated at the court;
  • professions belonging to the judicial system;
  • the position and work of the judge;
  • pupils' rights and responsibilities;
  • other issues of interest to students.

Students have the opportunity to receive answers to a variety of questions related to the work of the judge. Judges' lessons take place in the real courtroom and given by a judge wearing judge’s robe - this is the best way to learn about the court proceedings.

Judges’ lessons are organized not only for pupils but also for social science teachers.

More information:

Students actively participate in the lessons in law at the Supreme Court (28.02.2019)

Both pupils and teachers have been learning in the Supreme Court (11.10.2013)

Teachers of social science improve knowledge in the Supreme Court (26.10.2010)

Pupils attend lessons of law in the Supreme Court (19.02.2010)


Shadow Day

The Supreme Court supports Shadow Day, a worldwide popular student career development event organized by Junior Achievement - Latvia.

By providing an insight into the daily work of Supreme Court judges and court employees, the Supreme Court helps to broaden students' horizons and understanding of the knowledge and skills needed for their future profession.

Invitation to be “a shadow” to judges, assistants to judges and other employees is received by those secondary school students whose applications are well-founded showing a genuine interest in the profession of lawyer and judge.

More information:

On the Shadow Day, students learn about the daily work of the Supreme Court and of senators (13.02.2019)

Students learn about the work of a judge by participating in moot court on the Shadow day (14.02.2018)

Pupils learn about the work of judge of the supreme court on the Shadow day (15.02.2017)

Pupils see work of judges and employees of the Supreme Court (10.02.2016)

Pupils get familiarised with work of judges and employees of the Supreme Court (11.02.2015)


Career Week

Augstākā tiesa atbalsta skolas arī Karjeras nedēļā. Skolēni, kam interesē jurista profesija un tiesneša amats, var apmeklēt Augstāko tiesu un tikties ar tiesnešiem un tiesas darbiniekiem, noklausīties tiesību pamatu stundu, doties ekskursijā uz tiesas muzeju un pa Tiesu pili.

The Supreme Court also supports schools during Career Week. Pupils interested in the legal professions can visit the Supreme Court and meet with judges and court staff, take part in a lesson on the introduction in law, take a guided tour of the Court Museum and the Courthouse.

More information:

Pupils get familiarised with judge’s work during week of career (07.10.2015)

Judges tell pupils about their work during the week of career (20.10.2014)