This week, the collection of judgments and decisions of the Supreme Court, which was created in cooperation between the Supreme Court and the Courthouse Agency, reaches its readers.

According to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics – rulings of the Supreme Court in recent years have strengthened their role in the system of legal sources. Not only do they, in the classical sense, complement basic sources, but have become an essential tool for understanding the legal system. This also explains the growing interest in rulings of the Supreme Court – both in the context of specific cases to be reviewed and in analyzing the conclusions expressed in rulings.

An efficient availability and systemic search of the Supreme Court rulings is ensured on a daily basis by informing the public about the cases to be reviewed and issues decided, as well as by publishing rulings in the Archive of Case-law Decisions on the website of the Supreme Court. However, continuing the tradition, all three Supreme Court departments have reviewed the work done during the year by selecting 25 rulings for publication in this special form of systematization – the collection of judgments and decisions of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia. The selected rulings mark current developments in the society and reveal the essence of the understanding of law in general, as well as point out the complicated legal structures in the interaction of the Latvian legal system with the European Union law and international law.

Rulings of each of departments of the Supreme Court are arranged in a separate section of the collection with different page numbering. At the beginning of each section, a table of contents and annotation in Latvian and English has been included, which explains why particular rulings have been chosen for publication in the collection.

The judgments published in the collection are systematised and accompanied by case-law theses. In order to make an access to rulings easier when looking for specific ruling or case-law thesis, several indicators have been created for each section according to different criteria

Chairs of the Departments of the Supreme Court – Veronika Krumina, Edite Vernusa and Peteris Dzalbe, Assistant to Chair of the department Silvija Kuskina, Legal research counsel Nora Magone, Head of the Division of Case-law and Research Anita Zikmane, and experts Zinaida Indruna and Liena Henke, as well as lawyer of Division of Legal Information and Publishing of the Courthouse Agency Signe Terihova have participated in creation of the collection.

The book “Judgments and Decisions of the Supreme Court 2017” is available at places of sale of legal literature and at the online store of the Courthouse Agency. All Latvian courts will receive a collection of rulings of the Supreme Court free of charge.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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