On 9 March, during visit to Latvia, internationally recognised expert in civil law, the professor of University of Geneva Benedict Winiger met Edite Vernusa, Valerijans Jonikans and Aigars Strupiss – judges of the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court.

During the meeting discussion touched upon criteria of assessment of the amount of compensation for moral injury in civil cases, uniform case-law in this field, rights to compensation of moral injury, if damage is caused to property. The professor admitted that, in general, problems following from tort law are similar in all European countries.  

The professor Winiger also shared experience about practice of other countries, mentioning voluminous study “Digest of European Tort Law”, (I – 2007, II – 2011) as an example. The professor is co-author and the head of working group of this study. Professor Kalvis Torgans, former judge of the Supreme Court, participated in preparation of this study as expert and co-author from Latvia. Professor Torgans also organised this meeting of professor Winiger with colleagues from the Supreme Court.     

Professor Winiger also visited the museum of the Supreme Court, getting insight into history of Latvian courts.

Visit of the professor Benedict Winiger to Latvia was organised within framework of grant scheme of Latvian-Swiss cooperation programme “Activities of Swiss researchers in Latvia”. Within framework of this project the professor will present two guest lectures on European tort law – on 12 March at the University of Latvia, and on 13 March – at Riga Graduate School of Law.


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