On 22 May, during the visit to Latvia, Christine Chappuis, internationally recognised expert of civil law, and the Professor at the University of Geneva) met Aigars Strupiss and Zane Petersone, judges of the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court.

During the meeting, the discussion concerned role of the court in development further creation of the private law, on tort law, and on legal education, because the Professor is also a Dean at the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva.  

When visiting the museum of the Supreme Court, the Professor also got familiarised with history of Latvian courts.  

The visit of the professor Christine Chappuis to Latvia was organised within framework of grant scheme of Latvian-Swiss cooperation programme “Activities of Swiss researchers in Latvia”. Within framework of this project the professor presented the guest lecture at the University of Latvia on 21 May, and lecture at the Riga Graduate School of Law will be held on 22 May.   


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