On 21 April during the international conference organized by the Supreme Court of Latvia the results of the project "Supreme Courts as guarantee for effectiveness of judicial systems in the European Union"were discussed and the “Best Practice Guide for ManagingSupreme Courts” was opened.

“This is a successful example of international teamwork,” said project manager, Head of the Administration of the Supreme Court, Sandra Lapina at the event of the opening of the book. There is only one Supreme Court in each country, so it is not possible to share experiences and to exchange advices and ideas regarding the organization of work at the Supreme Courts within one country. The project has given the opportunity to discuss topical issues related to the efficiency of judicial work with colleagues from other Supreme Courts. "Today it is no longer just ideas, discussions and experience gained during the visits - today I hold a book in my hands that summarizes and analyzes experiences, best practices, recommendations, and ideas of 26 European Supreme Courts and which is created to carry out the management of the Supreme Courts in more effective way," said Sandra Lapina.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Latvia Ivars Bickovics welcomed the Administration's initiative to draw experience in collaboration with other national courts, developing and managing the unique project. The Supreme Court has gained valuable experience in large-scale project management. Participants of the project have greatly benefited from the project, as during the visits of mutual experience exchange and discussions knowledge is acquired in areas examined within the project, as well as experience is gained in mutual cooperation. "The winners will also be courts of other countries and jurisdictions, as the “Best Practice Guide for ManagingSupreme Courts” serves as a practical guide for any court,” said the Chief Justice.

The conference was attended by more than 300 participants – judges and employees of courts of all instances, advocates and other lawyers, academics and students from the Latvia, as well as judges and employees from the Supreme Courts, law scholars from Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Hungary, France, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic and Belgium.Special guests were representatives from leading organizations of justice system -Chair of the Commission for Legal Environment Improvement created by the President of Latvia Aivars Endzins, President of the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Estonia Priit Pikamäe and Representative from the European Network of Councils for the Judiciary Alain Lacabarats. As noted by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Latvia Ivars Bickovics – this confirms that the project and the conference has a considerable topicality in the context of the European judicial system.

Project "Supreme Courts as guarantee for effectiveness of judicial systems in the European Union" managed by the Supreme Court of Latvia has been implemented since June 2016. The project is funded by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Justice, with the participation of the Supreme Courts of Lithuania, Spain and Hungary and Universities of Antwerp and Ljubljana. The project aims to increase the administrative capacity of the Supreme Courts, to improve the work organization, increase the transparency of the judicial work and public confidence in the judiciary. 

“Best Practice Guide for Managing Supreme Courts” is electronically available on the website of the Supreme Court in section About / International Cooperation/ Project


See it here:

Best Practice Guide for Managing Supreme Courts

Recording of the conference plenary session can be viewed here:


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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