On 23 March, Peter Whelan, Deputy Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Leeds, visited the Supreme Court. Professor specializes in both competition law and criminal law.

Peter Whelan came to Riga in the framework of the program of guest lecturers launched by the Latvian Institute of Law in 2014. He gave a lecture "The Criminal Enforcement of Competition Law". The Supreme Court is also traditionally visited in the framework of the project.

At present, competition law is within the competence of specialists in administrative law, however, in the recent judgment of the Constitutional Court it is concluded that violations of the competition law should, however, be examined under criminal procedure. Consequently, experts from both areas of law participated in discussions with the professor about the criminal enforcement of competition law. In the Supreme Court, Mr Whelan met with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics, the Chair of the Department of Criminal Cases Peteris Dzalbe and the judges of the Department of Administrative Cases Rudite Vidusa and Dzintra Amerika. The initiator of the event was Sworn Advocate, Director of the Latvian Law Institute, and Head of the EU & Competition practice group Edijs Poga.

Professor Whelan was introduced to the judicial system, its structure and the work of the Supreme Court. The competition law issues of interest were discussed – what is the subject of competition law and to which field of law the competition law should belong, what are aspects of the application of competition law. Particular attention was paid to the cartel criminalization and related issues – the advantages and disadvantages of the criminalization of cartels.

Professor Whelan also gained insight into the history of the Court, visiting its museum, the historical Senate Courtroom and the sculpture "Justice".


Information prepared by
Iveta Jaudzema, International Cooperation Specialist of the Supreme Court
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