Being yet printed, the 12th edition of the Bulletin of the Supreme Court, which comprises the public report of the Supreme Court on performance in 2015, may already be read in electronic form.

“2015 was the year of intensive work and positive changes for the Supreme Court – after several years number of resolved cases exceeded number of cases received in the court, and number of cases pending decreased per 25 per cent,” Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, points out in the introduction to the report. Annual report includes reports by Heads of structural units, statistical data, the report by the Chair of the Disciplinary Court and the summary by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on annual performance.

The second important section in the 12th edition of the Bulletin is publication of materials of Latvian Judges’ Conference held last year. The fundamental topic of the conference was communication, and the guest of the conference – Raimonds Vejonis, the President of the State – also spoke on this issue, when addressing judges. “The work of the court does not end with fair adjudication of the case and legally precisely composed ruling of the court. The ruling of the court, which is written in the language comprehensible only to lawyers, must be simply and with certainty explained to those, who do not possess particular legal knowledge,” the President of the State pointed out.

Report on experience and conclusions gained by judges and employees of the Supreme Court in business trips is rich in useful information.

In section oflegal thoughts, reports by Pavels Gruzins, the former Chair of the Department of Criminal Cases and the Head of the Division of Case-law, and Janis Baumanis, the Legal Adviser of the Department of Criminal Cases, concern the decade of the Criminal Procedure Law.

Rihards Gulbis, the Legal Adviser of the Department of Civil Cases, in his turn, provided extensive overview on role of the cassation instance court in civil procedure and development of legal system.

Several publications are dedicated to the field of administrative law, namely, Veronika Krumina, the Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases, provides insight into aspects of individual’s right to a fair trial in administrative proceedings, and the judge and the Professor at the University of Latvia, Jautrite Briede, reports on legal certainty in administrative procedure. The Bulletin also includes summary on principles applicable in administrative cases, when assessing individual’s right to adjudication of a case in reasonable term.

The section of legal praxis in the Bulletin includes retrospection to the past year – summary on sample of case-law published in the collection of rulings of the Supreme Court of 2015,   index of rulings published in case-law classifiers on the web site of the Supreme Court, and theses of those rulings of the Supreme Court, in which the Supreme Court changed its case-law.

The Bulletin also comprises other information of the Supreme Court and the Council for the Judiciary.

The Bulletin of the Supreme Court has been published twice a year. It has been delivered to all Latvian courts and other institutions belonging to the system of justice, and it has also been sent to libraries and faculties of law of higher educational institutions, and published on the web site of the Supreme Court

The Bulletin may be seen here


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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