On September 3, it has been planned to call conference of judges from all Latvia. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics and the Minister of Interior Linda Murniece, instead of the Minister of Justice, informed judges of the Supreme Court, regional courts, district (city) courts and departments of land books about it.

Judges are invited to get acquainted with amendments in law “On Judicial Power” and in the Law on Disciplinary Responsibility of Judges, as one of tasks of the conference of Latvian judges will be election of institutions of the Board of Justice and self-government of judges.   

On June 3, Saeima of the Republic of Latvia accepted amendments in law “On Judicial Power”, establishing the creation of the Board of Justice as collegiate institution that takes part in workout of policy and strategy of judicial system, and also in development of organisation of work of the judicial system.  Amendments of law define that the Board of Justice consists of independent and elected judges – judge, elected by the Plenum of the Supreme Court, and six judges, elected by the Conference of judges. The Conference of judges has to elect one member of the Board of Justice among judges of departments of land books, three members – among judges of district (city) courts and two members – among judges of regional courts.  

In its turn, on June 10, Saeima accepted amendments in the Law on Disciplinary Responsibility of Judges, establishing amendments in composition of Judicial Disciplinary Committee.   

According to Paragraph 92 of the Law “On Judicial Power” and Item 2 of statute of the Conference of Judges of the Republic of Latvia, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Minister of Justice call the conference of judges not less than once a year, in which all Latvian judges take part.


Information prepared by

The Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

E-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv, telephone: 67020396, 28652211