The State holiday comes with news happy for the Supreme Court – the Chapter of Orders awarded the ex-senator, scientist of law, Gunta Visnakova with the highest state award – the Order of Three Stars, Fourth Class. 

Gunta Visnakova was one of five senators of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, who started to work in the Supreme Court just when the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate was formed in 2004. her extended knowledge in different fields of law – in field of administrative procedure, civil procedure, tax law, civil law were invaluable contribution to work of new department and also to work of the Division of Complaints, which was formed later.

Gunta Visnakova had worked in judiciary for 50 years: in Prosecutor’s Office, in district court, in the Ministry of Justice, and for seven years – as advisor on legal issues in the Supreme Council, later – in the Saeima; being a member of team on development of draft laws, she had participated in development and improvement of many laws fundamental for Latvia, for example, of the Commercial Law, of the Administrative Procedure Law, etc. Gunta Visnakova also participated in preparation of comments on the Civil Law and the Civil Procedure Law, and in 2005 she had received an Award of the Cabinet for this work.   

Gunta Visnakova is the eight judge of the Supreme Court who would receive the highest State Award after restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia. Previously, the Order of Three Stars was given to Andris Gulans, Roberts Guntis Namatevs, Kalvis Torgans, Pavels Gruzins and Aiva Zarina; however, Rolands Krauze and Gunars Aigars were given the Cross of Recognition.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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