The collection of gowns of judges, belonging to Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in Washington DC, Stephen Zirschky, will be increased with the gown of the judge of the Supreme Court. The Honorary Consul wishes to share his joy about his new acquisition with Latvians of Seattle on November 18, in the commemoration of foundation of the Republic of Latvia.

Stephen Zirschky is the advocate, specializing in consultations in field of business, IT and economics. His hobby is collection of gowns of judges from different countries of the world. As since year 2007 Stephen Zirschky has executed also duties of Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in Washington DC, he wanted to supplement his collection with the gown of Latvian judge very much. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent the petition of the Consul to the Supreme Court.

The gown of the judge of the Supreme Court that has been sent by the Supreme Court to the collection of Stephen Zirschky, is used, but in the very good condition. The Court hopes to know something more from the answer of Honorary Consul about his peculiar collection.

The Paragraph 67 of the law „On Judicial Power” states that symbols of judicial power are the vow, the gown and the mark of appointment of the judge. The judge executes his duties, wearing the gown and mark of appointment. The procedure of use of the gown has been stated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In Latvia judges have three colours of gowns: judges of district (city) courts have black gowns, judges of regional courts have gowns of bordeaux colours, and judges of the Supreme Court – in colour of carmine.

Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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