Minimum age of the judge of the Supreme Court can be 40 years, maximum age, having received prolongation of term – 72 years. It has been established by amendments in the law “On Judicial Power” made on June 3, which came into force on August 1.

The law defines that a person in the age of 40 years can stand for the post of the judge of the Supreme Court. Earlier, the limit of minimum age was not established, only at least 3rd qualification class was needed, if the judge of the district (city) court stands for the post of the judge of the Supreme Court, or at least 15 years of total experience in the post of academic staff in the field of law in high school, sworn advocate or prosecutor, or, according to suggestion of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, also other person with the same experience in the field of law.

Maximum age for execution of duties of the judge hasn’t changed – for the judge of the Supreme Court it is 70 years. But, by amendments in the law, the procedure of prolongation of this post has been changed. Being of the judge of the Supreme Court in the post can be prolonged up to 2 years may be prolonged by the Board of Justice, if the Board receives the positive resolution of Judicial Qualifications Committee. Previously, prolongation for the term up to 5 years might be given by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

At present in the Supreme Court there work six judges, who are younger than 40 years. In its turn, having gained the age of 70 years, the term of execution of duties has been prolonged to three judges. New requirements of the law don’t refer to these judges.

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