Guests have already arrived to take part in the Latvian Judges' Conference, which will take place on September 7 and will be devoted to the centennial of the Latvian judicial system. Representatives of the Supreme Courts from countries that also celebrate their centenary are among the guests. These countries are Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Poland.

A day before the conference, the guests visited the Supreme Court, they met with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and chairs of the departments, as well as learnt about the Palace of Justice and visited the Supreme Court Museum.

There will also be speeches delivered by the guests. A presentation on the historical aspects of the country's judicial system and on current issues will be given by Juha Häyhä, Judge of the Supreme Court of Finland, Dariusz Zawistowski President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland, Algis Norkūnas, Judge of the Supreme Court of Lithuania, and Viive Ligi, Judge of the Supreme Court of Estonia.


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Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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