This was a question raised during one of the discussions of the conversation festival "Lampa" that took place in Cesis on June 30, in which also Aigars Strupiss and Anita Kovalevska, –judges of the Supreme Court, – took part. Judge Strupiss is also the Chair of the Disciplinary Court, but judge Kovalevska – chair of the Judicial Ethics Commission.

Gatis Litvins, the discussion moderator, began the conversation stating the fact: according to the latest public opinion polls, about 40% of the population of Latvia have confidence in courts – a low rate compared to Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

What should be done to make Latvian courts trustworthy? What are the most important actions to be taken in order to double the confidence in Latvian courts in the next 20 years – should it be the introduction of lay judges, better communication, stricter evaluation of judges’ performance, more convenient access to rulings, more realistic perception about judge's work?

These were the main issues, which Inese Ziemele, the President of the Constitutional Court, Aigars Strupiss and Anita Kovalevska, Judges of the Supreme Court, Juris Silins, the President of the Latvian Judges’ Asssociation, as well as Lauma Paeglkalna, Chair of the Latvian Association of Administrative judges, were seeking the answers to.

The conversation festival “Lampa” is an open-air discussion for those who want to learn and talk about issues of relevance to Latvia, Europe and the world. During the event both in tents and on the stage, one could meet a wide variety of people, express their views, listen to concerts and take part in creative workshops.

This year, the festival “Lampa” was held for the fourth time, offering more than 150 activities to its visitors. Supreme Court judges took part in discussions already for the second year.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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