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23 November, 2007

Bičkovičs is repeatedly elected Chairman of Chamber of Criminal Cases

Plenary Session of the Supreme Court on November 23 repeatedly elected Ivars Bičkovičs the Chairman of the Chamber of Criminal Cases. This will be already the third term for Bičkovičs in the position of the Chairman of the Chamber, for the first term he vas elected in 1996, repeatedly – in 2002.
22 November, 2007

Plenary Session to elect the Chairman of the Chamber of Criminal Cases

Tomorrow, on November 23, at 9.00, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Guļāns is convening the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court.
20 November, 2007

Supreme Court analyzes court practice in criminal cases on sexual assault

The Division of Case-Law of the Supreme Court in cooperation with experts in criminal law have worked out and published on the website of the Supreme Court www.at.gov.lv a summary on court practice in criminal cases under Article 160 (forcible sexual assault) and Article 162 (immoral acts with a minor) of the Criminal Law.
14 November, 2007

Senator Namatevs is awarded the “golden” pen of the Ministry of Justice

Before the State proclamation holiday, Senator Roberts Guntis Namatēvs of the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court will receive the highest award of the Ministry of Justice – I grade Diploma and the “golden” pen. The award is conferred for contribution in strengthening of lawful order and development of unified court practice in Latvia.
13 November, 2007

Senator Jautrīte Briede receives two nominations of “Jurista Vārds”

Jautrīte Briede, Senator of the Department of Administrative Cases, has been nominated by the readers of “Jurista Vārds” as one of three most popular authors of the magazine. In its turn, the scientific council of the magazine has named two articles of the Senator as affecting the Latvian Law system.
2 November, 2007

Chief of the Rēzekne Land Register Siliņš is elected to the Disciplinary Panel of Judges

The conference of judges on November 2 extended the composition of the Disciplinary Panel of Judges by a representative from judges of land register. Voting for two candidates, more votes were in favour for the Chief of the Rēzekne Department of the Land Register Gunārs Siliņš, and he was elected to the Disciplinary Panel substituting Andris Ozols. Ozols has reached the maximum age limit for judges and has left the position.
2 November, 2007

State President appeals to be judges for themselves

To much more self-critical assessment the judges of Latvia in the conference on November 2 were urged by the State President Valdis Zatlers who expressed hope in his address that judges will be ready to dispel concern that justice in the country is administered outside the court rooms.
2 November, 2007

Various opinions expressed in the conference of judges on the necessity to establish an ethics commission

Both Minister of Justice Gaidis Bērziņš and Chairman of the Constitutional Court Gunārs Kūtris addressing the extraordinary conference of judges on November 2, stressed the necessity to establish a judges’ ethics commission without waiting for adoption of the new Law on Judiciary.
2 November, 2007

The extraordinary conference of judges disproves of judges’ actions which create distrust to judiciary

On November 2, in the extraordinary conference of the Latvian judges which analyzed the situation after the published phone calls what indicates to possible violations of the law and ethical standards by judges, the adopted resolution disapproves of judges’ actions creating distrust to judiciary and calls appeals to every judge to honour the ethical values and to behave in such a manner to confirm the honesty of judiciary. However, majority of judges deleted from the resolution prepared by the work group a much more categorical statement that holding a position of a judge by such a person who is not independent and impartial in administering justice contradicts with the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia. Besides, the judges did not find it necessary to activate the issue on improving the system of selection of judges and evaluation of work.
1 November, 2007

In Austria gains ideas to discuss observance of human rights in the courts

Jautrīte Briede, the senator of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court, has returned from the exchange program of the Judges Training Center in Austria, and suggests that the Supreme Court also organizes a conference on observance of human rights in the courts of Latvia, similar to the one she attended in Austria.