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30 October, 2007

On Friday, judges of Latvia will meet in extraordinary conference

On Friday, November 2, 2007, at 10.00, all the judges of the Republic of Latvia will gather for an extraordinary conference where the State President Valdis Zatlers has promised to participate, as well. The agenda of the conference and the draft resolution was worked out by a work group of judges of the courts of all levels led by Veronika Krūmiņa, the senator of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court.
29 October, 2007

Association of Supreme Administrative Courts trains to work with joint data bases

The member states of the Association of Supreme Administrative Courts of the European Union develop joint electronic data bases Dec.Nat and JuriFast, therefore employees of departments of documentation provision and analysis of the Supreme Courts were invited to a joint seminar. In the seminar in the Czech Republic, Brno, Vanda Zoldnere, Manager of the Division of Document Administration of the Supreme Court, and Inga Bite Perceva, assistant to the senator of the Department of Administrative Cases, gained new information and experience, too.
25 October, 2007

Senate does not approve of remarks of the Prime Minister regarding absence of summons to third persons in the case of disputing election results

In the TV show of October 24 “What is going on in Latvia”, the Prime Minister Kalvitis said that the Supreme Court in the so-called elections case has passed rulings unfavourable for the third persons without hearing out the third persons. It was understood from what the Prime Minister said that by third persons he meant the People’s Party and/or the association “Association for the freedom of expression”.
25 October, 2007

Visit to the Supreme Court included in the training project for European judges and prosecutors

Within the framework of the training project, already the second group of European judges and prosecutors visited the Supreme Court. On October 24, judges from Spain, Austria, Italy, Poland, and prosecutors from Belgium and Romania met with Gunārs Aigars, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court and studied the Latvian court system and the role of the Supreme Court in it.
16 October, 2007

Inta Lauka confirmed in the position of judge in the Chamber of Civil Cases

On October 16, the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court unanimously confirmed a new judge of the Chamber of Civil Cases. Saeima (Parliament) appointed Inta Lauka in the position of a Supreme Court judge on September 27, and it was within the competence of the Plenary Session to confirm the newly elected judge in the concrete structural unit of the Supreme Court.
11 October, 2007

Georgian journalists and representatives of nongovernmental organizations visit the Supreme Court

On October 11, a delegation of 20 people from the Georgian media and nongovernmental organizations visited the Supreme Court. In the discussion with Ivars Bičkovičs, Chairman of the Chamber of Criminal Cases, the senator Jautrīte Briede of the Department of Administrative Cases, Rasma Zvejniece, Manager of the Division of Communications, and the press secretary Baiba Kataja, they got an insight in the court system in Latvia, selection of judges and career possibilities, independence of judges, distribution of cases, and communication of the Supreme Court with the society.
3 October, 2007

Learning experience of EU member states regarding disputes on trade marks

On September 27 and 28, the 5th European symposium of judges specializing in reviewing disputes on trade marks and design samples took place in the Spanish city Alicante, which was organized by the Internal Market Harmonization Bureau of EC. Latvia was represented in it by the judge Vanda Cīrule from the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court, the Riga Regional Court judge Skaidrīte Buivide, and the EC Court justice Egils Levits.
28 September, 2007

The Parliament approves Inta Lauka in the position of the Supreme Court judge

On September 27, the Parliament approved the former judge of the Zemgale Regional Court Inta Lauka in the position of the Supreme Court judge. Votes: 81 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.
27 September, 2007

Fourteen newly admitted attorneys give oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

On September 27, fourteen newly admitted attorneys, giving oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, vowed to be faithful to Latvia, to be honest and to follow the laws of this country with confidence, to be respectful to the courts and the state power, in their activities as attorneys neither write nor say anything to harm the country, society, family and morality, to fulfill decently the duties of attorneys, to protect interests of the authorizing parties or those persons with the cases of who they work being aware that they are liable for their work under the law.
26 September, 2007

Department of Criminal Cases analyses research on legal quality of rulings

Division of Case Law of the Supreme Court in cooperation with specialists in law has accomplished a research on connection of structural elements of rulings and methods of their development with the legal quality of rulings. The research was done on basis of analysis of rulings adopted by the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court, and is intended for the Department of Criminal Cases. In the joint session of September 25, the senators of the Department learned and analyzed the conclusions of the research.