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31 August, 2007

Judicial Qualification Panel approves advancement of Inta Lauka to the position of the Supreme Court judge

In the meeting of August 31, the Judicial Qualification Panel having evaluated the submitted materials and spoken with the judge of the Zemgales Regional Court Inta Lauka, approved her confirmation in the position of the Supreme Court judge.
29 August, 2007

Plenary Session of the Supreme Court will elect the Chairman of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate and decide on establishment of a work group to evaluate the judicial ethics

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans in accordance with Article 44, part 2, of the law On Judicial Power today issued an instruction which states that on Monday, September 17, at 15.00, the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court will be convened. There are two issues on the agenda. First, the Plenary Session will decide on the appointment in the position of the senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate and also the election of the Chairman of the Department. The secretary is assigned to prepare the documents to be discussed till September 10. The vacancy in the Department of Civil Cases opened after the death of its long-term Chairman Martins Dudelis on June 28, 2007.
21 August, 2007

The State President Valdis Zatlers has visited Supreme Court

On 21st of August Supreme Court was visited by the President Valdis Zaltlers. The President desire was to become acquainted with Supreme Court experience in forming the court as easy of access and comprehendible establishment.
13 August, 2007

It is being discussed that in European Union will not punish for the same infringement twice

During the International seminar “The non bis in idem principle. Conflicts of Jurisdiction”, that took place in Madrid this July, the restriction to punish for the same infringement twice was discussed (the non bis in idem principle) in context of European Union
7 August, 2007

In sports games, the team of the Supreme Court shows best results in singing

At the 12th sports games of the Ministry of Justice and judicial power, the team of the Supreme Court showed the best results in the team competition “The song for my generation”. In this signing competition with the performance of the song “Eternal Milky Way above the Head”, the team received cheering of the audience and the 5th place. The tem of the Supreme Court got the 9th place in frisby game, in other events – volley-ball, street ball, car-pulling and relay the results were not so good, however, in total, the team of the Supreme Court took the 16th place among twenty nine teams. In individual events, prizes were awarded to Kristaps Eglite, the son of the secretary of the Senate Chancery Anda Eglite, in the children’s competitions, and Krisjanis Dzalbe, the son of the senator Peteris Dzalbe for the 2nd place in long jump from a fixed start.
2 August, 2007

Memorial plaque opened to the senator Janis Skudre of the independent Latvia

In July, the celebration in Saukas pagasts (rural district) of Jekabpils region honoured the countryman - the senator of the Supreme Court, Chairman of the Latvian Judicial Association Janis Skudre (03.05.1889. – 08.07.1942.). Near the building “Lejas Meirani” which he built for his family and which at this time is managed by the daughters of the senator, a memorial plaque was opened.