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31 January, 2008

Again, a large number of attorneys give oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

A week ago, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Guļāns accepted the oath of twenty four attorneys, and today, on January 31, twenty three more attorneys after being accepted to the Bar gave their oath. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court expressed hope that both the family of the Latvian attorneys and the judiciary in general has received not only a numerous but also a qualitative supplement what will promote improvement of the court practice. Although being young, the newly accepted attorneys have good education and good experience of life, and as A. Guļāns noted, they have consciously and purposefully proceeded to this goal. He wished them to remember every day in their work the values of the oath – trust, respect, decency and conscience.
30 January, 2008

State President accepts the oath of Janis Neimanis

On January 30, in a ceremony of giving the oath in the Riga Castle the oath to the State President was given by ten new judges who have been appointed to the position by the Saeima (Parliament). The State president accepted also the oath of the new judge of the Supreme Court Janis Neimanis. The judge may start to fulfill his duties, and on Friday, February 1, the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court will decide on appointment of Janis Neimanis in a concrete department.
29 January, 2008

Consideration of settlement of disputes between the EC and national trade marks have to be initiated

The EC member states when settling disputes regarding trade marks and design samples have to develop a unified court practice, especially in disputes between the EC trade marks and the national ones. The court practice of the European Community in settlement of similar disputes has to be taken as the basis. That was the guideline in the closing seminar organized by the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market which took place in the Spanish city Alicante on January 22 – 23. The seminar was attended by the judge Vanda Cīrule of the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court. The legislation of the member states in the field of protection of intellectual property is harmonized in accordance with the laws of the European Community. A unified court practice in reviewing such cases has to be developed, as well. The necessity of specialization in reviewing cases related to trade marks and design samples was especially stressed. Obviously, Latvia also has to start to consider it, V. Cīrule stresses after returning from the seminar.
23 January, 2008

Twenty four new attorneys give oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

“Significant and valuable addition not only to the Bar, but to the judiciary in whole”, said the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after accepting the oath of twenty four new attorneys on January 23. The new attorneys swore to be loyal to Latvia, to follow the laws of the country honestly and with confidence, to show respect to the courts and the state power, not to speak or write anything in the course of their activities that might cause harm to the country, society, family and morals, to fulfill honestly the duties of an attorney, to protect the interests of the authorizing parties or individuals the cases of which they work on, being aware that they bear responsibility for their activities under the law. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court wished them to remember the words of the oath as a prayer in their further activities because they express the most essential regarding the conduct of attorneys as their actions have considerable impact not only on the individual’s interests, but on the authority of the judicial power, as well. A. Guļāns expressed hope that the new attorneys will work with respect to the Satversme (Constitution), the court, the client and themselves.
22 January, 2008

GRECO experts evaluate Latvian court practice in corruption cases

There are no problems in reviewing corruption cases in courts, there are probably problems to detect offence. A small number of cases come to the courts, cases of separate categories, responsibility for which in stipulated by the Criminal Law, for example, trading influence, have not been heard in the practice of the Supreme Court at all. This was one of conclusions drawn by the experts of the Anticorruption Interstate Group of the Council of Europe (GRECO – Groupe d’Etats contre la corruption) during the discussions with the judges of the Supreme Court. The delegation of GRECO experts visit Latvia on January 21 – 25 to learn how the requirements of the Council of Europe are followed in prevention of corruptive violations of law. The representative of the GRECO Secretariat Tania Van Dijk and experts Alastair Brovn and Jaan Ginter from the Prosecutor’s Office of Scotland and the Tartu University, Faculty of Law, discussed the practice of the Supreme Court in reviewing corruption cases with the Senator Pēteris Dzalbe of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate and the Chairman of the Chamber of Criminal Cases Ivars Bičkovičs.
10 January, 2008

Practice of application of Criminal Procedure analyzed for the first time

The collection of rulings of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court Senate which was published late last year contains 101 rulings adopted by the Department in 2006. The Collection is significant because for the first time the practice of application of the new Criminal Procedure is analyzed. Cognitions given in the published rulings will help in the practical work both lawyers and other interested persons. The year of 2006 in reviewing criminal cases is significant because the new Criminal Procedure Law was applied in full. The practice of application of this law has shown both its shortcomings and drawbacks and the positive side related to fair regulation of criminal-justice relations trying to ensure efficient application of the standards of the Criminal Law.
4 January, 2008

Ensuring of children’s rights activated at the Conference of Supreme Courts of the World

Increasing of the role of the UNO International Court in protection of children’s rights – this was the principal theme of the 8th Conference of Chief Justices of Supreme Courts of the World which took place in December 2007 in Laknov, India. Chairman of the Chamber of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court Ivars Bičkovičs participated in the Conference as the authorized representative of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia.
3 January, 2008

Raiskuma boarding elementary school receives donations of the Supreme Court

During the period before Christmas and New Year, the charity campaign to collect donations for children whose life has not been so easy has become a good tradition in the Supreme Court. At the end of 2007, judges and employees of the court collected 787 lats, and the money has been sent to the Cēsu region Raiskuma sanatorium boarding elementary school.
2 January, 2008

Senator Namatēvs nominated as the Man of the Year of the Supreme Court

The title of the Man of the Year of the Supreme Court and the Themis Prize was conferred to the Senator Roberts Guntis Namatēvs of the Department of Civil Cases. It is the highest attestation of the court acknowledgement to a person who, as it is said in the Regulations, “we respect and are proud of”. The winner of this acknowledgement is determined at the end of the year by secret ballot of the judges and employees of the Supreme Court in two turns.