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21 July, 2010

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Prague participates in a discussion about reform of a court system

On July 21-22, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics participates in a discussion of judges and Chiefs Justice of Supreme Courts of European countries, organised by CEELI Institute in Prague. This time the topic of discussion is a reform of judicial system in countries of Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of Berlin wall. In discussion there participate Chiefs Justice and judges of Supreme Courts almost from 20 European countries.
19 July, 2010

Vesma Kakste terminates to execute duties of a senator of the Supreme Court

On July 19, Vesma Kakste finished to execute duties of a senator in the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate of the Supreme Court, as term, established in the law “On Judicial Power”, for which the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court instructed the judge of the Administrative regional court to replace the senator Normunds Salenieks during his temporary absence, has finished.
19 July, 2010

The Supreme Court has summarised conclusions of case-law in practice of non-actionable forced execution of obligations

Question about non-actionable forced execution of obligations in Latvia has not been researched much, thus different trends, while solving cases of such character, have been observed. In order to form uniform practice of making of court decisions and avoid imperfections, the Supreme Court has summarised and analysed conclusions of the case-law in review of such cases. The research was made by the Division of the Case-law together with Department of Civil Cases of the Senate.
14 July, 2010

In criminal cases about homicides courts often apply minimal term of imprisonment

While reviewing cases about homicides in enforcing circumstances and especially enforcing circumstances, courts make more detailed analysis of objective and subjective signs of a crime, more voluminous motivation of qualification of the crime has been given in decisions of the court, using both theoretical conclusions and positions of the case-law, such conclusion was made in a research made by the Supreme Court about the case-law in criminal cases about homicides, for which responsibility has been established in Paragraphs 116-118 of the Criminal Law (CL).
12 July, 2010

The Saeima approves Eriks Kalnmeiers in the post of General Prosecutor

The Saeima on July 12, in closed voting approved the ex-chief prosecutor of the Department of Cases Reviewed in the Court of the Department of Criminal Law of General Prosecutor’s Office Eriks Kalnmeiers, the candidate nominated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, for the post of General Prosecutor. 54 deputies voted for Eriks Kalnmeiers, 25 deputies voted against him, and 12 deputies abstained from voting.
6 July, 2010

The conference of Latvian judges will be called on September 3

On September 3, it has been planned to call conference of judges from all Latvia. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics and the Minister of Interior Linda Murniece, instead of the Minister of Justice, informed judges of the Supreme Court, regional courts, district (city) courts and departments of land books about it. Judges are invited to get acquainted with amendments in law “On Judicial Power” and in the Law on Disciplinary Responsibility of Judges, as one of tasks of the conference of Latvian judges will be election of institutions of the Board of Justice and self-government of judges.