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28 November, 2011

Necessity to speed up course of proceedings is stressed at the Judicial Conference

“The judge is independent not to isolate him/herself from society, but to serve society in the best way. And it depends on two aspects: professionalism of a judge and prerequisites created for capacity of a judge’s work by legislator and executive power”, wrote Andris Berzins, the President of the State, in his greetings to the Latvian Judicial Conference on the 25th of November.
28 November, 2011

The Judicial Conference elects representatives of institutions of judicial self-government

On the 25th of November, the Latvian Judicial Conference elected Peteris Dzalbe, the vice-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, in the post of the Chair of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee.
21 November, 2011

The Supreme Court has strengthened society’s trust to search for justice in Latvia

Addressing judges and employees of the Supreme Court in collective event dedicated to 93rd anniversary of foundation of the Republic of Latvia, Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, stressed that judges and court employees are builders of the State and they carry one branch of state power – judiciary. “Probably in present difficulties some people lost their trust, confidence and pride for the state we live in. however, I am sure that the Supreme Court of Latvia with its work and stability has increased society’s trust to courts”, I.Bickovics said. He expressed hope that the Supreme Court will be able to strengthen citizen’s belief in justice and fairness in Latvia also in future.
11 November, 2011

Judges and employees of the Supreme Court pin up red-white-red ribbons

Coming to work in the morning of Day of Lacplesis, on the 11th of November, judges and employees of the Supreme Court could take ribbons in colours of the national flag. To create festive and patriotic mood, judges and employees are invited to pin symbolic red-white-red sign to clothes during all week before national holidays until the Birthday of the State.
4 November, 2011

The Disciplinary Court is called for its first meeting in the Supreme Court

On the 3rd of November judicial Disciplinary Court is called for its first meeting. The Disciplinary Court decided whether to accept the claim of Maris Mednis, the ex-judge of the Administrative district court for the decision (conclusion) of Judicial Qualifications Committee of January 9, 2009, about his non-direction for appointment into the post without limitation of term of office, for review.
3 November, 2011

Gvido Zemribo, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, is awarded with the Order of Three Stars

Gvido Zemribo, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of independent Republic of Latvia, sworn advocate, is awarded with the Order of Three stars of 3rd tier. Decision on award was made by the Chapter of Orders on the 20th of October. Gvido Zemribo has worked in Latvian judiciary and had been creating it for more than 50 years. However, he is lawyer still respected among colleagues and he works in the Board of the Latvian Lawyers’ Association.
2 November, 2011

The Minister of Justice meets management of the Supreme Court

On the 2nd of November, Gaidis Berzins, the new Minister of Justice, visited the Supreme Court after his accession. Meeting Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and heads of structural units turned to be a constructive conversation about suggestions of improvements of court system and effectivisation of work of the Supreme Court. During the meeting G. Berzins stressed priorities of court system included in chapter of rule of law in declaration of new government, turning attention to issues related to decrease and equalization of courts’ load, systematization and availability of case-law, alternative methods of settling disputes, administrative penalty policy and criminal penalty policy. The Minister listened to opinion of representatives of the Supreme Court about these and other issues and suggestions for solution of problems.