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23 December, 2011

Joint authorship of the senator Kalvis Torgans in study of European scale

Voluminous study about European practice of compensation of damage is published in Germany. The total volume of the book is 1175 pages, containing significant judgments of 26 European countries about 27 categories of cases about compensation of damage.
22 December, 2011

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepts vow of bailiff

On the 22nd of December the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepted vow of Sandra Rundele – the sworn bailiff of Riga regional court. The Minister of Justice appointed Sandra Rundele for the post of sworn bailiff in 55th bailiwick of Riga regional court.
19 December, 2011

Senators participated in preparation of comments to the Constitution

On the 19th of December, in Small Hall of the University of Latvia the book “Comments on the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia. Chapter VIII. Fundamental Human Rights” was opened. To create study, which is unprecedented in entire history of Latvian law by means of its pregnancy, thirty-seven highly qualified specialists and scientists of law united their efforts.
16 December, 2011

Study on compensation of moral damage in administrative cases is performed

Although objective criteria are included in the law, compensation of moral harm is the task, which is hard enough, and it requires assessing feelings that only another person knows. Moreover, case-law in administrative cases in relation to compensation of moral harm has been developed yet. The case-law, which should be taken into account according to principle of equality, when setting up remuneration, hasn’t been developed yet.
15 December, 2011

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepts vow of general Lieljuksis and twenty more sworn advocates

The Board of Justice in its session on the 13th of December supported repeated appointment of Ilze Freimane for the post of the Chair of the Administrative district court for the term of five years. Ilze Freimane has run the Administrative district court since 2006. She organised court work successfully, court houses of the Administrative district court started operating in Jelgava, Liepaja, Rezekne and Valmiera. When deciding about aptitude of I. Freimane for the post of the Chair of the Administrative district court the candidate selection committee evaluated reputation of candidate, her professional experience and authority among court body and other judges.
7 December, 2011

Representatives of the Supreme Court listen in the court hearing in the ECHR and meet judges and lawyers

National countries should analyse case-law of the European Court of Human Rights (the ECHR) and foresee possible problems, which should be solved at national level, before the case arrives to the ECHR, said Danute Jociene (Danuté Jočiené), the judge of the ECHR from Lithuania, when meeting delegation of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia in Strasbourg.