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24 October, 2012

The Board of Justice instructs Normunds Rinkis to be manager of judicial conference

Two sessions of the Board of Justice took place in written proceedings in October. In one session, members of the Board of Justice elected manager and secretary of judicial conference of November 2. Duties of manager of the conference are transferred to Normunds Rinkis, the judge of Riga regional court, and duties of secretary are given to Vita Vjatere, the judge of Riga city Kurzeme district court.
1 October, 2012

On issues reviewed in the session of the Board of Justice on the 1st of October

One of main subjects in annual Latvian Judicial Conference that will take place on the 2nd of November will be dedicated to court work according to European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms – the agenda of the conference approved by the Board of Justice today states. Kristine Lice, representative of the Cabinet of Ministers in international institutions of human rights, is invited to report on topical issues about cases of Latvia in the European Court of Human Rights, and Juris Jansons, the ombudsman, will give his evaluation about observing of the European Convention on Human Rights in court work. The conference is organised in cooperation with the University of Latvia, so lecturers of the Faculty of Law will read reports there. The Supreme Court will present research about case-law of the European Court of Human Rights in rulings of the Supreme Court.
17 September, 2012

Representatives of the Board of Justice look for experience in Poland

On September 17-19, the delegation of Latvian Board of Justice managed by the Chair of the Board, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics, will stay in Warsaw to exchange experience. Delegation consists of members of the Board of Justice, Andris Strauts, the Chair of Latgale regional court and Ilze Freimane, the Chair of the Administrative district court.
28 August, 2012

On issues discussed in session of the Board of Justice on the 27th of August

The Board of Justice supported budget request of regional courts and district (city) courts summarised by the Ministry of Justice and budget request presented by the Supreme Court for year 2013. Budget request of regional courts and district (city) courts for 2013 is for 8% or LVL 2 256 099 more than budget planned for year 2012. Increase of budget is planned for two positions: expenses related to moving of Riga court house of Administrative district court and of court of Ziemelu district of Riga city to new premises, as well as to increase salary of court employees for LVL 40 and to insure court employees.
20 June, 2012

The Board of Justice determines the court in which the judge I. Usakova will execute her duties of a judge

The decision of the Board of Justice states that the judge Inese Usakova appointed by the Saeima for the post of the judge of district (city) court on the 14th of June will execute duties of the judge in the court of Latgale Suburb of Riga city.
18 June, 2012

On decisions adopted in session of the Board of Justice on the 18th of June

In order to promote continuous professional development of judges during all judicial careers, it has been planned to reject previous system of qualification classes stating regular evaluation of professional activity of judges once in five years, as well as extracurricular evaluation when deciding about transfer or replacement of a judge instead.
29 May, 2012

About decisions of the Board of Justice of May 28

Having received request of Public Administration and Local Government Committee of the Saeima to provide opinion about standards included in draft law “Amendments to the law “On Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Activities of Public Officials”” that influence judiciary significantly, the Board of Justice decided not to support Item of the draft law stating necessity for a judge to receive permission to operate and to hold office in associations.
8 May, 2012

On decisions of the Board of Justice of the 7th of May

Judicial conference, in which new Commission on Judicial Ethics will be elected, will take place on the 24th of May. Saving budget funds allocated to courts, it was decided to organise conference extramurally, using information technologies. The Board of Justice made amendments to Regulation of Judicial Conference on the 7th of May, stating that conference may also be organised in electronic form (e-conference) and e-conference may elect institutions of judicial self-government in secret electronic voting. Regulation of Commission on Judicial Ethics is also amended providing an opportunity to nominate and elect members of Commission on Judicial Ethics in electronic elections.
8 May, 2012

The Saeima’s Legal Affairs Committee invites the Board of Justice to a joint session

On Tuesday, the 8th of May, at 12.00 o’clock, joint session of the Saeima’s Legal Affairs Committee, The Board of Justice and the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers in international human rights institutions will take place in Red Hall of the Saeima (the Parliament). Participants will discuss report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “About Cases Reviewed by the European Court on Human Rights, in which imperfection of operation of national courts was reason of claims submitted”.
2 April, 2012

Decisions of the Board of Justice adopted in session on the 2nd of April

The Board of Justice agrees to concept of implementation of “clear court instances”, indicating simultaneously that further concrete steps of reorganization of Latvian court system should be evaluated and coordinated with the Council of Justice. Concept prepared by the Ministry of Justice and presented at the session of the Council of Justice on the 2nd of April, provides transition to a system, in which district court will be the first court instance in all cases – both civil and criminal, regional court will be an appellate instance and the Senate of the Supreme Court will be cassation instance. It means that Chambers of the Supreme Court will be removed.