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16 February, 2016

The Council for the Judiciary once more updates problem of insufficient remuneration of court employees

Repeatedly drawing the attention to disproportionately low remuneration of court employees, the Council for the Judiciary urges to allocate sufficient funds to the court system, so that it would be possible to increase wages of employees of courts and public prosecutor’s office until the maximum amount within the unified system of remuneration of officials and employees of state and municipal institutions.
16 February, 2016

Comprehensive assessment of Latvian court system will be carried out

The Council for the Judiciary listened to information of the Court Administration on assessment of Latvian court system, which has been planned within framework of project of European Structural Funds. The assessment will serve as a basis for elaboration of comprehensive plan of development of the system of justice, to support economic development, by improving operation of the system of justice.
16 February, 2016

The Judges’ Conference will be dedicated to issues related to ethics

The Council for the Judiciary decided to dedicate Latvian Judges’ Conference to issues related to judicial ethics.
16 February, 2016

Preservation of participation of the state in Courthouse Agency is supported

The Council for the Judiciary supports strategic goal of the state joint-stock company “Courthouse Agency” – effective management of infrastructure of the system of justice – and preservation of participation of the state in the agency.
16 February, 2016

Further development of process of sworn advocates in civil procedure is discussed

The Council for the Judiciary considers that in order to promote implementation of the advocates’ process in adjudication of civil cases, more extensive discussions and more weighted analysis are necessary, observing Latvian circumstances; however, the Council has not yet decided on support to this concept.
12 February, 2016

The Council for the Judiciary will discuss advocate’s procedure in civil cases and other issues

In the sitting of the Council for the Judiciary to be held on Monday, 15 February, several issues will be reviewed upon proposal of the Ministry of Justice.
1 February, 2016

Reorganised courts of Latgale region start work

As from today, 1 February, two joined district (city) courts and Land Registry offices, namely, Daugavpils court and the Land Registry office of Daugavpils court, and Rezekne court and Land Registry office of Rezekne court start work in catchment area of Latgale regional court.