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28 June, 2016

Support for Advocate Proceedings in Certain Categories of Civil Cases

The Council for the Judiciary supports the implementation of advocate proceedings in certain categories of civil cases, starting with the first instance court. At the same time the Council for the Judiciary considers that parties to proceedings shall be able to maintain rights to prepare procedural documents and participate in the hearing themselves.
17 June, 2016

The Judicial Ethics Committee will be chaired by Anita Kovalevska, Deputy Chair- Alla Silova

The newly elected Judicial Ethics Committee, the first sitting of which was convened on 17 June by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, elected Anita Kovalevska, Judge of the Administrative Regional Court, as the Chair of the Committee, and Alla Silova, Judge of Latgale Regional Court, – the Deputy Chair.
14 June, 2016

Council for the Judiciary Meets with the Commission for Legal Environment Improvement

Getting acquainted with the study of the Commission for Legal Improvement on performance improvement possibilities of the Council for the Judiciary and after hearing the report presentation, the Council for the Judiciary has approved the need to strengthen the Council's powers, structure and management so that the Council for the Judiciary would have a significant impact on the improvement of the judicial system and it would have a decisive role in the elaboration of judicial policy and strategy.
1 June, 2016

Chairs of European Councils for Judiciary discuss the future of justice in Europe

Ivars Bickovics, the Chair of the Council for the Judiciary, and Dace Sulmane, the adviser to the Council, went to Warsaw to participate in the General Assembly of the European Network of Councils for Judiciary held on 1-3 June. The topic of this year is “The Future of Justice in Europe”.