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20 May, 2016

Part of the Judicial Ethics’ Committee is elected in the first round of elections

In electronic elections of the Judicial Ethics’ Committee held on 20 May, seven from among nine necessary members to the Committee were elected. The second turn of elections will be held on Monday, 23 May.
19 May, 2016

On Friday judges will elect the Judicial Ethics’ Committee

Tomorrow, on 20 May, Latvian judges will elect nine members to the Judicial Ethics’ Committee in extramural conference in electronic elections.
16 May, 2016

Conclusions of the Judicial Ethics’ Committee are summarised in a book

Upon expiration of the second term of office of the Judicial Ethics’ Committee, the performance of the committee of eight years is summarised in the book “Collection of Conclusions of the Judicial Ethics’ Committee: explanations, opinions, decisions 2008–2016”.
16 May, 2016

Positive result of work of the Ethics’ Committee is appreciated at the Judges’ Conference

Establishing of the Judicial Ethics’ Committee eight years ago was a source of positive changes in understanding of judges about professional ethics. Those, who started the work of the Committee, put a high lath of an institution of judicial self-government, and the next composition of the Committee will have to deal with even new challenges in the same creative way – this was the fundamental conclusion at the Latvian Judges’ Conference of 13 May, as the subject of this year was ethics.
16 May, 2016

Study: active process of development of professional judicial ethics has begun

Study of activity of the Judicial Ethics’ Committee shows that active process of development of professional ethics has begun in Latvia – the Professor Aivita Putnina and the Associate Professor Signe Mezinska from the University of Latvia, who carried out study of regulations on judicial ethics upon invitation of the Council for the Judiciary, point out.
10 May, 2016

The main subject of the Latvian Judges’ Conference – judicial ethics

On Friday, 13 May, Latvian judges will gather to annual Judges’ Conference, and the main subject this year is judicial ethics.
26 April, 2016

Report of the Court Administration on performance in 2015

In accordance with the law “On Judicial Power”, the Council for the Judiciary listened to annual report of the Court Administration on its performance. Edvins Balsevics, the Director of the Court Administration, informed about the most essential directions of work and results in 2015, and outlined the most important tasks of this year.
26 April, 2016

Issues related to career of judges

The Council for the Judiciary supported appointment of several Chairs of courts, their deputies and Chairs of a court house to the offices. The Council for the Judiciary supports that Zemgale regional court will be presided by Inguna Preisa, who has held this office since 2005, and her total length of service in judge’s office is 26 years, also in next five years.
26 April, 2016

Upon completion of the reform, number of judges of the Supreme Court will be reduced

The Council for the Judiciary will submit a proposal to the Saeima (Parliament) to determine that as from 1 January 2017 there are 36 judges in the Supreme Court, including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, instead of previous 48 judges.
26 April, 2016

Latvian system of justice is assessed positively in the European Union

Annual summary by the European Commission on results in field of justice, EU Justice Scoreboard, which has been elaborated since 2013, in report of this year approves progress made by Latvia in work of justice system.