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29 October, 2019

On Friday Latvian Judges Conference takes place

This year's Latvian Judges Conference taking place on Friday, November 1, will be dedicated to the topicalities of judicial work and judicial self-government institutions.
21 October, 2019

The Council for the Judiciary conceptually supports the waiving of administrative immunity of judges

At the meeting on 21 October, the Council for the Judiciary examined the issue of the regulation of disciplinary liability of judges and conceptually decided that the immunity of judges in cases of administrative offenses should be waived. Members of the Council for the Judiciary, representatives of the Judicial Ethics Commission, the Judicial Disciplinary Committee, the Disciplinary Court and the representatives of judges’ associations took part in the discussion.
1 October, 2019

A working group shall be set up to develop a competence standard for new judges

The development of a new procedure for selection of judges is on the agenda of the Council for the Judiciary aiming to introduce a conceptually new approach that meets the modern requirements for the position of a judge.
1 October, 2019

The Council for the Judiciary supports the courts’ budget request and gives remarks on remuneration of employees

The Council for the Judiciary assessed and endorsed the Supreme Court's budget request for 2020, thus accepting two priority measures requiring additional funding - maintenance of the Supreme Court's information technology infrastructure – EUR 77,800, and an increase in remuneration of the Supreme Court’s employees of EUR 119,115.