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27 November, 2019

The Council for the Judiciary repeatedly rejects the establishment of the Economic Court

Having reviewed a draft law prepared by the Ministry of Justice for amendments to the law “On Judicial Power”, which provides for the establishment of a specialized economic court, the Council for the Judiciary repeatedly rejected establishment of such a specialized court. The Council for the Judiciary still considers that specialization of judges is possible within the existing judicial system.
4 November, 2019

The Latvian Judges Conference adopts a resolution on the remuneration of judges and court employees

Emphasizing that a remuneration commensurate with the position of a judge and competitive remuneration for court employees is a prerequisite for the balanced development of all branches of the state power and strengthening of the rule of law in the country, the Latvian Judges Conference adopted a resolution “On Remuneration of Judges and Court Employees”. The resolution will be sent to the President, the Saeima (Parliament) and the Cabinet of Ministers.