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26 February, 2019

When approving the courts’ budget request, the Council for the Judiciary points to the noncompetitive remuneration of the judicial employees

The Council for the Judiciary supported the budget request of regional courts and district (city) courts prepared by the Ministry of Justice, as well as the Supreme Court’s budget request for this year. At the same time, the decision recalls the need to increase the remuneration of the judicial employees, which has now become critically uncompetitive.
26 February, 2019

The procedure for nominating and appointing chairs, deputy-chairs of courts and chairs of courthouses is developed

The Council for the Judiciary completed the elaboration of the procedure for nominating and appointing chairs and deputy-chairs of district (city) courts and regional courts, as well as chairs of courthouses.
21 February, 2019

Public confidence in the courts gradually increases

The results of public surveys on trust in state and public institutions in recent years show positive trends regarding increase of public confidence in the courts.
1 February, 2019

Latvian judges take part in a survey for European judges

Today, February 1, the European Network of Councils for the Judiciary (ENCJ) is launching a survey of judges, examining the judges' view on aspects of the judiciary and the independence of judges in their countries. The survey data will be extensively analysed and further used in the development of the EU Justice Scoreboard and in the elaboration of judicial policy documents of the Member States. The previous survey was carried out at the end of 2016; about 12 000 judges from 26 European countries took part in it.