About the Council for the Judiciary

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17 February, 2021

The Judicial Council requests to postpone the implementation of the e-case until the quality preparation and development of the project

Faster and more efficient exchange of information in criminal proceedings, administrative violation proceedings, administrative proceedings in courts and civil proceedings has been set as the goal of the electronic (e-case) programme, and it is aimed at electronicization of these proceedings. In 2021, the introduction of the e-case in the administrative proceedings and criminal proceedings is planned.
2 February, 2021

The new Code of Judicial Ethics is approved

Being aware of the fact that the promotion and maintenance of high standards of judicial ethics is a matter of responsibility of each judge, Latvian judges have adopted the Code of Judicial Ethics and have undertaken to adhere to the principles enshrined therein, as pointed out in the preamble of the Code of Judicial Ethics adopted on February 2.