Department of Criminal Cases

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12 December, 2019

The conviction of the accused of participation in warfare in Eastern Ukraine has entered into force

On December 5, the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court (Senate) upheld the judgment of the Riga Regional Court, which found the accused guilty and convicted for participating in the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine by training young soldiers. The Senate acknowledged that the appellate court has examined the evidence obtained in the case, assessed its relevance, admissibility, and reliability in accordance with the requirements of the Criminal Procedure Law. The appellate court based its findings on regulatory enactments and evidence evaluated in detail, including the finding that the accused "as a member of an armed military unit, using firearms, trained new participants in the armed conflict on the construction and use of a firearm, is to be assessed as active and unlawful participation in an armed conflict directed against the territorial integrity of another state".
17 October, 2019

Judgment in criminal case related to “Latvenergo” tender for reconstruction of Pļaviņas hydroelectric sets enters into force

On October 17, the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court (Senate) dismissed the cassation complaints filed by the accused and liquidator of SIA “Energy Consulting” against a judgment of the Riga Regional Court of June 7, 2019 imposing coercive measure on a legal entity SIA “Energy Consulting”, namely, money recovery in amount of 400 minimum monthly salaries of EUR 148 000. The Senate declined to initiate cassation proceedings in the case because the cassation instance had no doubts about the lawfulness of the appellate court’s judgment and the court had observed the limits for examination of the case when re-examining the case following the Senate's decision of April 25, 2019. The decision of the Senate is not subject to appeal.
23 October, 2018

The case on admissibility of extradition of a person is transferred for further examination

At the court hearing of October 16, the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court, proceeding with the examination of the complaint filed by an advocate of an extraditable person against the decision of the Prosecutor General's Office regarding the admissibility of the extradition of a citizen of the Republic of Estonia to the Russian Federation, decided to refer the matter to the Prosecutor General's Office for further examination. The Supreme Court has previously referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union for a preliminary ruling in the present case in order to clarify an opinion on the applicability of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.
8 December, 2017

Due to newly discovered circumstances, the court resumes the criminal proceedings and refers case for re-examination

On 8 December, at the hearing, the Supreme Court upheld the request of Prosecutor K. Petrovska of the Prosecutor's Office of Riga District Court to annul the decision of the Supreme Court Senate of 17 March 2006 and the judgment of the Chamber of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court of 5 January 2006 in part regarding conviction of a person pursuant to Section 320, Paragraph two of the Criminal Law, the renewal of criminal proceedings and the referral of a case for re-examination before the court of appeal. Motivated decision of the Supreme Court will be available on December 15.