Department of Criminal Cases

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17 October, 2019

Judgment in criminal case related to “Latvenergo” tender for reconstruction of Pļaviņas hydroelectric sets enters into force

On October 17, the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court (Senate) dismissed the cassation complaints filed by the accused and liquidator of SIA “Energy Consulting” against a judgment of the Riga Regional Court of June 7, 2019 imposing coercive measure on a legal entity SIA “Energy Consulting”, namely, money recovery in amount of 400 minimum monthly salaries of EUR 148 000. The Senate declined to initiate cassation proceedings in the case because the cassation instance had no doubts about the lawfulness of the appellate court’s judgment and the court had observed the limits for examination of the case when re-examining the case following the Senate's decision of April 25, 2019. The decision of the Senate is not subject to appeal.