The Supreme Court and the Latvian Court System

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The Supreme Court is the highest level court in the three-tiered Latvian court system. In accordance with law, the Supreme Court reviews appeals in its capacity as the court of the third (cassation) instance. 

Since 1995, there have been three levels of courts in Latvia. The first level courts are the district (city) courts; the second level are the regional courts and the third level is the Supreme Court. This three-tiered system ensures that the decisions of the courts of first instance can be appealed, are reviewed on appeal (de novo), and reviewed by a cassation appeal.

Administratively, the Supreme Court is not related to district (city) or regional courts. The Chief Justice and other judges of the Supreme Court may not control or instruct judges of lower instance courts about hearing particular cases, or on organisational matters. The link between courts at all levels is manifest only procedurally by examining appealed or disputed rulings by courts of lower instance, as well as by developing uniform case law.