Judges and Attorneys in interaction

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The Professional activity and the relations between judges and advocates in Latvia not only once have aroused contemplation and even passions. To find a solution how to better professional ethics, behaviour and cooperation of the judicial officials and to find new ways how to strengthen the disciplinary accountability of judges and advocates, the Supreme Court and the American Board of Trial Advocates were organizing conference “Judges and attorneys in interaction: the commonalities and the differences in Latvia and American legal systems” on the 8th and 9th of June. We were also discussing judgments – not understandable for the society, and things we should do to better the prestige of judiciary.
On the second Conference day there was a possibility to observe a trial, which was chaired by Wendel Mortimer, Judge from USA and Gunars Aigars, Chairman of the Civil Cases Chamber. It was a great possibility to acquaint with the American judicial principles and the performance of sworn jury.
The American Board of Trial Advocates was represented by 15 high level judges and attorneys. The chairmen of all regional (city) and district courts, Constitutional court judges, and, of course, judges and senators from the Supreme Court were also present there. The Bar was represented by the leading law offices’ advocates, advocates from regions and individual practitioners. In the Conference participated also the European Community first Instance Court judge Ingrida Labucka.


Programme of conference first day

Programme of conference second day


Participiants list second day

Participiants list first discussion

Participiants list second discussion

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Case Synopsis


Professional Ethics, Behaviour and Liability of Judges and Advocates" [in Latvian]
Andris Gulans, Chief Justice


Latvian and American attorneys and judges – the beginning of discussion