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Positive ratio of adjudicated cases and respectable case-law - results of the work of the Supreme Court in the past year
Foreword to the public report on the work of the Supreme Court in 2017

The Council for the Judiciary is the guarantor of strengthening the independence of the judiciary
Interview to the journal "Latvijas Vēstnesis"

There is a positive development tendency
The opinion expressed at the forum organized by the publishers of journal Jurista Vārds "Challenges of the Latvian Legal System in the Second Century of the State" in the panel discussion "Why a Legal (and court) System is needed"

The central axis of the concept of judge's independence is the judge himself as a person
Speech at the Latvian Judges’ Conference

 28.04. 2017
Assessment of judges’ professional performance: experience of Latvia
Speech at the International Conference "Mediation and Development of Justice " organized by the Georgian Judicial Association

Dialogue of the Council for the Judiciary in the system of courts and state power
Report for the conference “Supreme Courts as guarantee for effectiveness of judicial systems in the European Union”

The Supreme Court is ready for work in new status being only the cassation instance
Preface to the public review on performance of the Supreme Court in 2016

Variability in the provisions of the law reduces the possibility to develop and strengthen uniform case-law
Opinion for forum “Smart growth. Challenges and solutions” in panel discussion “Development of society and the legal framework” 

Ethical canons are not burden or restriction of independence in judicial work
Opening statement in the Latvian Judges' Conference  

Scope of the Council for the Judiciary includes expansion of functions, communication, and remuneration of judges and employees of courts 
Report presented at Latvian Judges' Conference

New initiatives of communication of courts: Latvian experience 
Report presented at the Conference of Chief Justices of Central and Eastern Europe held in Croatia

Unity of the Baltic legal space is still topical 
Speech at the international conference “Commercial Law in Baltic Legal Space” dedicated to the 150thanniversary of August Loeber