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The Supreme Court is independent public institution, and finances to provide its operation are allocated from state budget.

The Administration of the Supreme Court was founded in January 2005, to manage organisational and financial activities of the Supreme Court.

Pursuant to Section 50of the law “On Judicial Power”, the Administration of the Supreme Court shall:

  • perform financial management;
  • take care of materials and technical facilities;
  • deal with record keeping;
  • organize staff management and training;
  • ensure communication with society;
  • carry out international co-operation.

 The Head of the Administration has been hired and dismissed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Since 2008, Ms.Sandra LAPINA has been the Head of the Administration of the Supreme Court.


The Administration of the Supreme Court consists of four divisions and the Chancery of the Supreme Court.

The Legal Adviser and the Project Manager of the Administration work under the direct supervision of the Head of the Administration.



Finances to provide operation of the Supreme Court are allocated from state budget and the court gives its reports on expenditures of these means to the Ministry of Finance, to the Treasury and to the State Audit Office.

The budget of the Supreme Court for 2020 is 6 127 202 EUR (2019 - 5 722 402 EUR).

Court staff

At the beginning of 2020, 36 judges and 110 employees worked in the Supreme Court.

Wages of judges are set in the Law on Remuneration of Officials and Employees of State and Local Government Authorities (Section 6.1).