Chancery of the Supreme Court

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Chancery of the Supreme Court is the structural unit of Administration, which ensures uniform record keeping in the Supreme Court.

The Chancery organises and ensures circulation of case files and documents related to proceedings, which have been received in the Supreme Court – it registers court cases, examines received documents, prepares case files for review, sends notifications, processes and sends court cases after adjudication thereof, supervises observation of terms of execution of correspondence documents.

The Chancery provides recording of minutes of court hearings.

Within its competence, the Chancery provides responses to applications and requests submitted. The Chancery provides supply of unclassified information and that of limited accessibility, in the Chancery participants of cases may get acquainted with case files, and students – with rulings of the Supreme Court necessary for studies.   

The Chancery prepares and transfers cases, copies of rulings and other documents related to court cases to court archives to be stored.

Work of the Chancery is planned and organised by the Head of the Chancery.

The Head of the Chancery is Elina MAJORE