The Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court

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Plan of distribution of cases, 2018


1.      The distribution of the cases is performed on the basis of the alphabetical list of the judges. The Chair of the Department distributes the cases to each judge according to the increasing order of the registration numbers of the cases. The Chair of the Department allocates to himself every second case, omitting one row in the list.

2.      Order of distribution is not observed if the judge, who has to take the case according to registration number for review or to make a decision, had already adjudicated the case. Then the case is passed over to the judge, who is next on the list.

3.      The cases of extradition to a foreign state are basically allocated to judge A. Branta.

4.      The judge whom the case is allocated to for review under the procedure of distribution of cases acts as the reporting judge in the respective case both in written proceedings and hearing.

5.      Another two judges of the composition of the court to adjudicate the case in written proceedings or hearing are determined randomly, by drawing lots at the meeting of judges. The composition of the court is approved by the Chair of the Department. If, when examining the case in written proceedings, it has been decided to transfer the case for examination in a court hearing in oral proceedings, the same composition of the court participates in oral proceedings, if possible.  

6.     In oral proceedings, the reporting judge presides in the hearing. Upon agreement of the composition of the court, another judge may preside in the court hearing.

7.      The plan of distribution of cases may be altered in the exceptional cases:

-          Due to work load of the judge;

-          Due to long-term absence of the judge;

-          If circumstances, which may serve as grounds for the judge’s rejection or recusal, exist;

-          If an assistant to the reporting judge is in incontestable conflict of interests with any person involved in proceedings.