The state joint stock company “Tiesu namu aģentūra” in cooperation with the Supreme Court has published the next collection of the rulings of the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court Senate of the Republic of Latvia.

The Collection contains 130 rulings adopted by the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court Senate in 2006 in the cases reviewed under the cassation procedure, or regarding which protests have been filed under Articles 483 and 484 of the Civil Procedure Law.

The Collection includes selected most characteristic rulings on law matters which courts when reviewing specific cases face repeatedly, or which have principal significance in law theory.

Using the structure of the Civil Law as the basis, as well as taking into account the role of separate specific regulative documents applied for settlement of disputes in courts in the present court practice, the rulings have been classified according to the categories of cases and arranged in 16 sections which provides possibility to orient oneself better in the collection, as well.

Each ruling is supplemented with one or several theses which concisely and generally depict the conclusion worked out in the court adjudication regarding application or interpretation of a regulative document. The theses have been prepared by the senators – reporters in specific cases or the compiler of the collection evaluating and summarizing the conclusions of the reasoned part of the adjudication. This itself has to be regarded as contribution in the development of the theory of civil law and civil procedure, as well as may be evaluated in scientific researches and in the training process of lawyers.

Rulings of the Senate published in the Collection in a wider sense have to be regarded as case law what under Article 5, part 6, of the Civil Procedure Law may be taken into account by a court when applying respective law standards and settling civil disputes in other cases. The rulings included in the Collection may serve also as a sample of interpretation of recommending law standards for other law enforcement, state and municipal institutions and to any other interested person in specific matters they are interested in.

Preface and annotation to the Collection is published in Latvian and for the first time – also in English which will provide notion on the work of the Senate of Latvia in reviewing civil cases also for interested persons abroad.

The Collection was compiled with the participation of the assistant to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Rolands Krauze and the assistant to the senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate Zinaīda Indrūna.

The Collection is hardbound, 744 pages, the price – Ls 19.20.

Collections of Rulings of the Supreme Court Senate in civil cases and criminal cases are published since 1996, starting from 2005 – also in administrative cases.

Information prepared by Division of Communications of the Supreme Court

Author: Rasma Zvejniece, Manager of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court

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