On October 2, the book “Latvian lawyer of today. 151 personalities” celebrated its opening in presence of heroes of the book, in Small Hall of the University of Latvia. The book is unique already at present and it will remain such also for history.  

The collection “Latvian lawyer of today. 151 personalities” comprises interviews with Latvian legal scientists, practitioners and prospective lawyers, and photos of these lawyers, which were published in the section “The Lawyer of the Week” of the journal “Jurista Vārds” (“Lawyer’s Word”) in three years (2009–2012). Texts of interviews are supplemented with updated information about present activities of “Lawyers of the Week”.

Observing the fact that the editorial board, when creating section “The Lawyer of the Week”, invited lawyers due to some event significant at that moment for system of justice or due to personal professional or academic achievement of a person interviewed, the collection provides singular review on development of system of justice in Latvia, and on many the most brilliant representatives thereof. Answers of “Lawyers of the week” to questions (fundamental principles of work, authorities in law, professional dream, the most significant judgements, Latvian laws to be amended, etc.) in their turn allow having insight to beliefs and system of values of Latvian lawyers.  

Latvian lawyers of all generations and different professions – lecturers of higher educational institutions, judges, prosecutors, sworn advocates, sworn notaries,  employees of the ministry and other institutions of system of justice, students etc., are portrayed in the book. With great satisfaction one can see the fact that among 151 of lawyers’ personalities of today 23 are present and former judges and employees of the Supreme Court: Ivars Bickovics, Gunars Aigars, Jautrite Briede, Peteris Dzalbe, Valda Eilande, Inara Garda, Zigmants Gencs, Pavels Gruzins, Andris Gulans, Veronika Krumina, Ervins Kuskis, Dace Mita, Janis Neimanis, Zane Petersone, Ilze Skultane, Kalvis Torgans, Vilnis Vietnieks, Gunta Visnakova, Aiva Zarina, Gvido Zemribo, Inga Bite, Rolands Merzejevskis, Zigrida Mita – all of them at their time were invited to  disclose lawyer’s world through their personality and thus they form mirror of contemporary legal culture, as this book is characterized by Dina Gailite, the editor of “Jurista Vārds”.

The book was compiled within cooperation of the editorial board of the journal “Jurista Vārds” and the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia in framework of events dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the University of Latvia.

The circumstance that “legal people” are the core of the edition urged the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia to support publishing of such book – Dr.iur. Kristine Strada-Rozenberga, the Dean of the faculty points out. She stresses: “In society it has been often spoken about legal problem, at the same time forgetting about a lawyer – a human. However, lawyers, who discharge difficult duties, meet negative attitude and feeling that their work is unevaluated daily, but still they continue to perform great and important work, achieving new peaks, deserve attention. Those, who do not lose other qualities, other interests, when performing this work, who remain humans, deserve particular appreciation.”

Dina Gailite, editor-in chief of „Jurista Vārds” in her turn expresses satisfaction regarding compilation of unique material, which was aggregated in a course of time, in a book: “It is valuable contribution to understanding of Latvian legal culture and promotion of growth, as well as value-orientation of Latvian legal society. Moreover, such collection is good contribution to history of Latvian law as well, as, portraying the most different contemporary Latvian lawyers and fixing their views, this edition will become valuable reference material in future.”  


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

E-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv, telephone: 67020396, 28652211