Wishing success to the 11 new judges, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court urged them to always remember that a judge is not an employee. The judge is an official of constitutional rank who directly implements Article 92 of the Satversme (Constitution) – the right of everyone to a fair court.

An address by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Aigars Strupišs, which served as the commencement of the training cycle of the new judges, was focused on the special mission of the position of a judge in the 21st century. It was not just an address, but an inspiring professional conversation with new colleagues about issues that will be their daily routine.

What regards the duties of a judge, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court reminded that those involve also an active participation in the self-government of judges. This is not an additional public duty, but it is a part of the judge's direct duties! - emphasized the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The law stipulates this function, namely judges are responsible for their own qualifications, discipline and ethics. If the judicial self-government does not perform this function effectively, others will try to do so and the independence of the judge will be compromised.

The training programme for new judges is an introductory training for new judges to prepare them for independent work. The programme is implemented by the Latvian Judicial Training Centre in cooperation with experienced judges and leading professionals in various fields.

Training for the new judges will also be lead by Senators of the Supreme Court Anita Poļakova, Sandra Kaija, Ieva Višķere, Anita Kovaļevska, the Head of the Division of Case-law and Research Anita Zikmane, and Legal research counsels to Senate’s Departments Oskars Kulmanis, Rihards Gulbis, and Reinis Odiņš.

An intensive training course shall take place in April and May, during which the new judges will not perform their direct duties. Additional training and support activities will also be provided at a later stage, taking into account the practical work experience gained by the new judges and the additional training needs and topics identified.

The programme participants are 11 new judges: one specialized in administrative cases, four specialized in criminal cases and six specialized civil cases. Most of them have previously worked in court as judge assistants, but two have previously been sworn advocates. We are glad that five of the new judges are former judge assistants in the Supreme Court Senate!


 Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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