On May 14, in the presence of large number of interested persons, the first study in Latvia on the issues of administrative procedure in courts accomplished by law scientists was presented in the Supreme Court. The book “Administrative Procedure in Courts” published by “Latvijas Vestnesis” under the scientific editorship of the Doctor of Law and the Senator Jautrite Briede has been worked out by a group of lawyers of the new generation – six of who are assistants to the senators of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate.

Senator Jautrite Briede says that she as a professor of the University of Latvia is especially happy about the book as a new generation of lawyers has grown the cognitions of which are worth collecting. The book successfully combines cognitions of the theory of administrative procedure and the court practice which has already become consolidated in the years while the Administrative Procedure Law is effective. However, the court practice continues to develop, new ideas and solutions emerge, and the future scientific works of the masters and doctors in this field of law are already being prepared.

The author of the preface to the book, the former Chairman of the Department of Administrative Cases, now – the Chairman of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate Valerijans Jonikans expressed a wish that the book has continuation, but regarding the first book he jokingly said with approval, “With this book you can beat the opponent”.

In his turn, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans noted that on the day of presentation of the book the hall is full of interested people, among them lawyers well-known in Latvia, which proves the significance of the book. He expressed approval that the Senator Jautrite Briede regardless of the tense working schedule has found time also for scientific work, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was especially proud that significant contribution in creation of the book was given by young people – the assistants to the senators of the Supreme Court. “It proves that we move in the right direction”, assessed A. Gulans.

Approval for the accomplishment of the young law scientists was expressed also by the Minister of Justice Gaidis Berzins, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice Martins Bicevskis and the Board Chairman of “Latvijas Vestnesis” Daina Abele. They pointed out the three values of the book “Administrative Procedure in Courts”: it is the first deep study about the administrative procedure in the courts in Latvia; it is a joint work of experienced and young law scientists, and it was a goal for the achievement of which such important establishments as “Latvijas Vestnesis”, the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court have managed to come to an agreement.

The book “Administrative Procedure in Courts” is available in the publishing house of “Latvijas Vestnesis” at Bruninieku Street 41, price Ls 16.80.



Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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