The Supreme Court Senators Dace Mita and Rudite Vidusa visited the Court of the European Communities in Luxemburg on April 8 – 9. The group consisted of 20 people, basically the administrative judges from the Administrative District Court, the Administrative Regional Court and the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, as well as several representatives from the Ministry of Justice. As it was noted by the judges of the Court of the European Communities Egils Levits, this was the biggest group of judges from Latvia which has ever visited the Court.

The two day program was worked out so that the judges get a versatile idea regarding the work in the Court of the European Communities and obtain information regarding the latest changes in the proceedings and work organization of the Court of the European Communities.

The judge of the Court of the European Communities Egils Levits and the lawyer from his office Ieva Freija informed about the case advancement after a judge receives the case, and with the peculiarities of the work of judges in this court. The Latvian judges met also with the judge of the first instance court Ingrida Labucka and the lawyer of her office Solvita Harbacevica.

The representatives from the Register, the Investigation and Documentation Service, as well as the Latvian Translation Office of the Translations Directorate informed about their work. These meetings gave an idea how much time of the administrative, basically, translation work is devoted for the advancement of a case

The judges from Latvia attended several proceedings of the Court of the European Communities. In these court sessions, the cases related to the questions raised by the courts of Italy and Belgium regarding the issuance of a prejudicial ruling in connection with the immunity of a member of the European Parliament, as well as the procedure of the public acquisition in the event that a municipal cooperative organizes the provision of telecommunication services.


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