On February 20, 2005 the Minister of Justice Solvita Aboltina presented a recognition letter and the „Gold Feather” award for lifetime contribution to the long-serving Justice and the head of Chancellery, Alfons Cirulis. The Supreme Court’s award was presented to Mr. Cirulis by the Chief of Justice Andris Gulans.

Alfons Cirulis has served the judicial system for 42 years – at first at the Smiltene District Court, but from 1985 to 1990, at the Supreme Court. When Republic of Latvia regained its independence, Mr. Cirulis was the leading consultant and the head of the Judicial Qualifications Committee at the Ministry of Justice for four years.

In 1994, Alfons Cirulis returned to the Supreme Court. At that time, the judicial system underwent transformation to democratic principles, the Supreme Court regained its historical premises at the Justice Palace, and Mr. Cirulis started to create and organize the work of the Chancellery in order to provide a system of case registration. From 1995 to 2005, Mr. Cirulis was the head of the Chancellery.

In addition to his daily responsibilities, Mr. Cirulis summarized statistics about the court’s work and about convicted persons in Latvia. Based on his very deep and wide-ranging experience in work on criminal cases, all cases were systematized by case category and synopses were created for publication. Since 1996, Alfons Cirulis worked in cooperation with the Juridical Training Center and took part in the publication of the collection of opinions by the Senate’s Department of Civil Cases and Department of Criminal Cases.

To his colleges at the Supreme Court, Alfons Cirulis is known as an energetic, precise, well-rounded jurist with practical experience. He has gained respect for his business–like manner, punctuality and high moral principles.

From 1995 to 2005, Alfons Cirulis (who is almost 80 years old) continued to fulfill his duties as the head of Chancellery.

In 1998, on the 80th anniversary of the Supreme Court Senate, Alfons Cirulis received a recognition letter from the Supreme Court.