All books published by the Supreme Court since 2008 are available on the Supreme Court website. As many of these books have not previously been available to the public, free of charge access to these books electronically will benefit lawyers, legal historians and other interested people.

First of all, these are books of containing case law of the Senate - the yearbooks of Senate’s rulings, which have been published by the Supreme Court itself since 2019. Historical case law is also available – there is the book “Findings of Senate's Rulings: Historical Heritage”. On Friday, following its opening, the latest book “The Senate Reads the Constitution” will be added here. This book contains the Senate's findings on the application of the norms and principles of the Latvian Constitution (Latv. Satversme) in the decisions of both the interwar Latvian Senate and the Senate of today.

The Supreme Court is the successor of the Latvian Senate and the keeper of its history; therefore, several books are dedicated to the Latvian Senate and senators. There is a biographical book “Senators. Latvian Senate 1918–1940” and the legacy book of senators’ legal thoughts titled “Senators' Findings. 100 and More”.

The publishing of books is a way by the Supreme Court to compile and preserve its history. When the appellate instance in the Supreme Court, namely the Court Chambers, ceased their activity, books on the Chamber of Criminal Cases and the Chamber of Civil Cases were published. At the end of the term of office of Ivars Bičkovičs as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the book of his speeches and articles “12 Challenging Years” was published.

Informative books about the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia also form history, as they reflect topical court information at a specific point in time. These books, updated every few years, are also translated into English. 

A total of 16 books are currently available in the books section of the Supreme Court. The site will be supplemented with books further published by the Supreme Court.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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