On Wednesday, 4th of April judge of west district of state of Kentucky of USA Charles Simpson has visited Supreme Court. He had a friendly meeting with Chairs of Chambers of Supreme Court Gunars Aigars and Ivars Bickovics.
On the grounds of being a judge of a district court Charles Simpson had a particular interest to become acquainted with the work of Court of Appeal. American judge also narrated about his job, about the structure of courts of US and showed deep and favourable interest in court system of Latvia and appellation in Supreme Court. Chairs of Chambers have also told the guest about future changes in court system of Latvia, that are provided by emerging law Governing the Court system.
Simpson was also interested in the work of judge organizations of Latvia, for he had been being the active member of Judge Conference of Federal Court System of US. Since Chair of the Chamber of Criminal Cases Ivars Bickovics same time appears to be the President of Latvian Judge Association, valuable opinion exchange was aroused also over this subject.
Passage with America judge was of a mutual interest and cordiality, as Chair of the Chamber of Civil Cases Gunars Aigars admitted. Mr.Simpson talking about his job mentioned that he had been being a judge for 20 years already. And when Mr. Aigars added that his seniority as a judge is two times longer – forty years, the astonishment of American college wasn’t phoney at all.
American judge Charles Simpson has been visiting Latvia from 2nd to 4th of April. He was lecturing about structure of court system in US and about international and US right in Riga Graduate School of Law and Latvian University, as well as visited School of Business Administration “Turība”. Simpson’s visit to Latvia was organized by USA embassy in Riga.