The Senate is not only a cassation instance dealing with specific cases and a developer of case law, but also a promoter of legal thought. The words of a senator have weight not only in court rulings, but also in the lines written in books. In preparation for the 25th anniversary of the restoration of the Senate, the Supreme Court has created an exhibition “Senators in the Field of Legal Literature”, which testifies to the contribution of senators to the development of legal thought in Latvia.

The exhibition shows a part of legal literature, the authors or co-authors of which are senators of the Supreme Court, who have worked in the Senate since its restoration in 1995. The books were published not only during the time when their authors worked in the Senate, but also before or after that time. A total of 29 out of 64 former or current senators have worked in the field of legal literature (books). The total number of books exceeds 140.

The annual collections of rulings of the Senate are not included in this number, however they occupy an honourable place in the exhibition, because the yearbooks of the cassation instance are the most direct contribution of senators in the application of law. It is the tradition of the world's Supreme Courts to publish the most legally significant rulings in printed form, and the publication of such books continues in the age of electronic information. The first collection of rulings of the Senate of the Supreme Court of the renewed Republic of Latvia was published in 1996.

The exhibited books are arranged by fields of law – civil law, criminal law and administrative law. In separate sections, the literature is devoted to the reflection of the succession and development of the Latvian legal system, legal theory, legislation and commentaries on the law, as well as practical legal literature. Senators are both authors and scientific editors of books, legal editors, co-authors and authors of individual articles.

A separate place is also given to the memoirs issued so far by three former judges of the Supreme Court – the first Chief Justice of the restored Supreme Court Gvido Zemribo and senators Kalvis Torgans and Zigmants Gencs. The contribution of the former senator Vilnis Vietnieks can be seen in the section "Not only about the law"; he has written poetry and stories about the people of his native place Selija.

The exhibition is not limited to the piles of books. Photographs and exhibits related to the creation of books have also been placed there. For example, there is a confirmation of senator Augusts Lebers Foundation Award given to senator Rolands Krauze. However, the senator did not receive the Award in full, because the foundation’s money disappeared when “Banka Baltija” went bankrupt. There is also an Honorary Diploma and a badge, which was received by the team of commentators of the Civil Law together with the award of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2005, including the then and later senators Rolands Krauze, Zigmants Gencs, Gunta Visnakova, Kalvis Torgans, and Kaspars Balodis. The exhibition also includes an exhibit of technological history – a diskette containing the doctoral thesis of Dr. iur. Jautrite Briede, which turned into the book “Administrative Act”. Whereas, in connection with senator Sandra Kaija's doctoral thesis, a wooden figure of owl has found a place in the exhibition, which was given to her by the supervisor, Professor Meikalisa, after obtaining her doctoral degree. The pen of senator Veronika Krumina, used for writing commentaries to the Constitution, and other interesting exhibits can also be seen.


The exhibition will be accessible at the Supreme Court throughout this year, which is the 25th anniversary of the restoration of the Senate. Visitors of the Court are free to view the exhibition in the Court lobby. Other interested parties must apply and make an appointment at the Division of Communication.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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