The Supreme Court has updated the summary of case law in public procurement cases published on its website, supplementing it with the findings provided in the rulings of the Senate from July 2017 to June 2020. Thus, the compilation currently covers more than 200 Senate rulings, which came into force between February 2005 and June 2020, allowing interested parties to get acquainted with topical, voluminous and structured case law materials in the field of public procurement law.

Although a new Public Procurement Law and the Law On the Procurement of Public Service Providers entered into force in March and April 2017, the findings provided in the Senate rulings remain relevant, as procurement principles and protected values ​​have not changed and the regulation referred to in court cases has been clarified not substantially amended. At the same time, the reader of the summary of case law is invited to independently assess whether the regulation, considered in the previous rulings of the Senate, fully complies with the valid legal provisions when taking into account its wording and content. In order to facilitate the practical use of the compilation, a table of corresponding legal provisions is attached.

Liva Dreimane, Assistant to the Senator of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, has arranged the findings of the Senate’s case law.

Augstākās tiesas prakses apkopojumu publisko iepirkumu lietās 2005 - 2020 skatiet Augstākās tiesas mājaslapā sadaļā Tiesu prakse/ Tiesu prakses apkopojumi/ Administratīvās tiesības

See the Summary of the Supreme Court case law in public procurement cases 2005 - 2020 on the website of the Supreme Court in the section Judicature / Compilations of Court Decisions / Administrative law


Information prepared by Anita Zikmane, Head of the Case Law and Scientific Analytical Department