On Monday, April 20, in the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court, senator Anita Polakova was elected the Chair of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate. According to the Law on Judicial Power, chairs of the departments of the Supreme Court are elected by the general meeting of judges for a term of five years.

21 out of 30 judges voted for Anita Poļakova.

Pēteris Dzalbe, previous chair of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate, retired on April 1, therefore the Department needed a new chairperson, Department wished to elect new one without hesitation and nominated a candidate from among the senators of the Department.

 Anita Polakova prioritizes the effective use of judges' support staff, separation of additional competence of the Department of Criminal Cases from the functions of the Supreme Court, namely, the work with subjects of operational activities, as well as purposeful development of the Department's case law and communication with lower courts. The Chair of the Department considers that a more scrupulous distinction should be made between cases in which cassation proceedings should be instituted and those in which cassation proceedings should be refused in order to find more resources to study issues and support solutions that are relevant to the development of case law. The new Chair of the Department also considers it important to maintain a micro-climate within the Department that encourages and maintains the desire to work and improves the quality of performance, as well as for the Department should be more active in the joint effort of the Supreme Court.

 Anita Polakova has been a judge of the Supreme Court since 2007, a senator of the Department of Criminal Cases since 2015. Prior to the Supreme Court, she was a prosecutor, advocate and judge in the Riga Regional Court.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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