The book “Means of civil legal protection of intellectual property” written by Zane Petersone, the Doctor of Law and the judge of the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court, published by the Court House Agency, could be useful to readers, who are interested in intellectual property and means of legal protection of that in nowadays.

In the preface to the book, Dr.habil.iur. Kalvis Torgans, the professor of the UL and the senator of the Supreme Court, indicates that court cases on intellectual property protection are not so frequent thing in Latvia, but those, which have been initiated, are rather complicated and demand for extended knowledge. So the fact that the author addressed the problem of legal protection of intellectual property, on the basis of Latvian legal standards, legal practice, as well as using studies of foreign authors, international treaties and legal acts of the European Union extensively, should be appreciated. Studies performed in eight years have been aggregated in the book.

As professor Torgans indicates, book written by Zane Petersone will be interesting and useful due to several considerations.

Firstly, it provides good overview on means of legal protection applied in the court in Latvia and problems related to that.  

Secondly, implementation and strengthening of terminology in field of intellectual property protection, complying with Latvian language, is contribution performed by the book.

Thirdly, the book contains many really interesting and enlightening examples of foreign practice.

Fourthly, the work contains both criticism on application of means of intellectual property protection in Latvia and many suggestions on improvement of laws and legal practice.

Having obtained Master of Law in the University of Latvia in 2000, Zane Petersone has supplemented legal education both in Latvia and abroad.  In 2004, in the Oxford University in the Great Britain she performed a research on means of legal protection of intellectual property, extra knowledge on application of intellectual property law in other countries is gained both in seminars and conferences and during internship in tribunals of Milan, Florence and Rome within judicial exchange programme organised by the European Judicial Training Network. In 2011, Zane Petersone defended her Doctoral Thesis in the University of Latvia. The title of the Thesis was “Means of civil legal protection applied in the court in cases on intellectual property protection” and the judge became the Doctor of Law in field of civil law. Zane Petersone has begun her career in judicial system in 1999, and she has executed duties of a judge in the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court since 2011.  


Information prepared by

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